Our acoustic test engineers are fully registered and certified to provide Sound Insulation Testing (Pre-Completion Testing) and reports in accordance with current building control regulations for Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

Sound Insulation Testing, or Pre-Completion testing must be carried out on new build properties as well as converted properties that share a separating element (Party Wall and/or Party Floor).

Tests should be carried out between rooms or spaces that share a common

area of separating wall or separating floor.  It is preferable that each set of tests contains individual tests in bedrooms and living rooms.

Sound tests consider both airborne and impact sound insulation:

  • Airborne sound insulation: Insulation against sound that is transmitted through the air, such as speech.
  • Impact sound insulation: Insulation to overcome impacts on a floor structure, such as footsteps.

Before we attend to complete a sound test, it is vital that the rooms requiring testing are properly prepared in accordance with test standards.

See the link below to our ‘Pre-Sound Test Checklist’ below see a list of site requirements and ensure you are ready to for testing.