Room integrity testing is required from rooms where a gaseous fire suppression system is installed. A gaseous fire suppression system is a highly effective way of protecting your premises against a fire. It the event of a fire it releases a gas agent into an enclosure which reduces the oxygen levels to suppress or put out the fire.

To ensure the system works effectively a Room Integrity Test should be completed at the point of install and every year thereafter.

A Room integrity Test works by creating pressure within the room or enclosure where the Fire Suppression System has been installed. The Test then measures the integrity of the room to ensure the gas does not dissipate to quickly before being able to extinguish the fire.

For the Fire Suppression System to work effectively the enclosure needs to hold the gas for a set period.

All testing carried out to the required BS EN 15004 or NFPA 2001 methodologies.

We can provide localised smoke testing to identify potential air leakage in the event of a failure.

A full report is issued upon completion indicating test results and certification.