Our experienced Thermographers undertake Thermal Imaging Surveys to identify heat loss in the building fabric through issues such as thermal bridging and air leakage in order to highlight and improve such issues to increase the buildings energy efficiency.

Using high quality equipment our surveyors can detect radiation instantly and increases or decreases in surface temperatures in all building materials/junctions that form the building envelope.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Surveys:

  • Identify bridging of insulation in building fabric
  • Identify actual performance of insulation/building materials in real time
  • Detect moisture ingress or water leaks
  • Detect overloaded electrical wiring or electrical equipment faults/potential future faults.

Thermal Imaging surveys and reports are carried out in line with industry standards such as BS EN 13187:1999: Thermal performance of buildings – qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – infra-red method and BRE Report 176 – A Practical Guide to Infra-Red Thermography for Building Surveys.

A full colour report is issued including thermal images highlighting location of potential issues and recommendations of remedial works where possible.

Before we attend to complete a Thermal Imaging Survey, it is vital that the rooms requiring testing are properly prepared in accordance with test standards.

See the link below to our ‘Pre-Thermal Imaging Survey Checklist’ below see a list of site requirements and ensure you are ready to for testing.